Instructor Zero 25 meter head shot

You’ve probably seen the Instructor Zero videos on youtube – he does a lot of silly “tactical” stuff with putting bags on his head and his combat rolls, but he never struck me as an incompetent shooter. Making a head shot at 25 meters in 0.8 seconds is no joke; that’s a tough shot to make.

Now, we don’t know how many runs that took, because the downfall of youtube is that you could put together “hoper” runs over and over and over again until you get the result you want. If I only show you the footage where I connect with the target, but delete the 19 other takes I needed to get that perfect hit, that doesn’t really tell you anything about my skill level as a shooter.

Still, 25 meter head shots are no joke. I have to respect the shot, and I’ll just assume that he only took a couple of tries to get it.


  1. Good shooting but not a head shot as USPSA/IDPA shooters would have to make. That steel target head is at least life size if not bigger, more like making an A zone or hitting a 8 inch plate but still pretty good. Wonder what he calls his starting position?

  2. Nicely done. However, what if his penalty for missing was a beard shave? I bet he’d slow down…..

  3. Someone showed me his channel about a week ago and I was polite enough to not roll my eyes.

    But if he can pull shot like that half the time he draws, I’d have to stop rolling my eyes and grow a beard and tactical belly to try to be like him (what do you think all that molle covers?)

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