FBI Shooting for Survival

I love these old training films. It feels like the guys who filmed Adam-12 made a PSA about the dangers of getting shot at. What is interesting to me is that the techniques in this video would work just fine today. Sure, they’re probably not the fastest and most effective ways to get bullets into badguys anymore, but I’d imagine that if you trained using these techniques on the reg, you’d be in good shape to win a gunfight.


  1. Quite interesting, felt like I was watching old episodes of Dragnet of The FBI. Found the ricochet information to be a valuable lesson, not only to be aware of, but also to utilize if needed.

  2. The radio the size of a handbag, the sideburns. DAO Revolver but yes, the demo’s of different types of ricochets was Great !

  3. The ricochet thing was pretty great…

    The FBI combat revolver draw made me glad they don’t use that same draw with a 4.5lb striker fired trigger…

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