Guided Chaos Combat Derp Training

If wanted the experience of having a fat dude breathe heavily on me while trying to push me around, I’d cut in line at Sizzler. (aside: is Sizzler still a thing? I haven’t seen one in YEARS)

Look, I get it. Actually learning to shoot well is hard but people still want to feel prepared. That’s why derp like this is exists. You get to feel all badass while not actually accomplishing anything in terms of skill building. Slapping rounds at huge targets up close while you perform some sort of junior high balance drill isn’t really going to make you a better shooter, and it’s certainly not going to prepare you for the big bad streets.

Using a gun is just part of self-defense. But if you’re going to learn, study the actual skills and fundamentals that the pros teach. Don’t waste your time on clownshow derp like these idiots.


    1. I think I figured out why I don’t see them anymore: it’s mostly a West Coast chain. Golden Corral would have worked.

  1. Glad I took their advice and checked with my Doctor… Showed her the Video, she said these guys are fools, and told me not to do it….. 🙂

  2. “Do not attempt any training without the supervision of a qualified, experienced instructor.” That pretty much rules all that crap out.

  3. Wow. Umm…in the “knife fighting” demo there at the end, did that guy pull a real gun from his pocket, point it at the unfortunate actor with the knife and pull the trigger? Looked that way to me. Empty, but still…not for me. Rule # -Hell, all of them-violation.

  4. So Caleb does this post constitute your counterpoint to this article ? And the very brief video leads you to conclude that there’s no way I spent most of my last trip to the range shooting 2-inch groups at 50 feet to work on my . . . FUNdamentals, taught to me by folks who have seen far more civilian applicable combat than most of the “pros”? What exactly is derpy about acknowledging the possibility that a reactive violent situation may be . . . violent??? Never ASSume, friend. Entertaining and informative blog you’ve got.

    1. Just because someone’s seen “civilian applicable combat” (what does that even mean? veterans that have returned? mall security?) doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about. No one is disputing that a violent situation might be violent (? of course not) but what we do dispute is the usefulness of training like this. Spoiler alert – there is zero use for this training other than to pad the wallets of the folks who run this (they’re virtually robbing people, but that’s an issue on the consumer’s side for being dumb enough to believe this is useful). Shame on the people foolish enough to believe this is useful training. Go take some self-defense theory courses, courses on the legality self defense (e.g., when using deadly force is justified), and then focus on important things. Not standing on a log and playing patty-cake at the range.

  5. So Caleb is this post your counterpoint to the article this very brief video was intended to supplement? FYI most of my last range trip (yesterday) was spent shooting 2-inch groups at 50 feet to work my . . . marksmanship fundamentals, taught to me by folks with more civilian-applicable combat experience than most of the “pros”. What is derpy about training for the possibility that antagonists in a reactive close range violent incident may . . . move violently??? It’s not like we’re growing beards and doing combat rolls and shooting past each other. 😉 Informative and entertaining blog you’ve got here.

    1. reactive close range violent incident

      You forgot “critical”, “dynamic”, and “time-is-life”. -5 points each.

      Seriously, though, what is with the insane jargon proliferation in this industry?

      1. “Point blank criminal attack where you start second”? Does that work better for you? Didn’t know I was being jargony, been shooting for only a couple years and don’t know the language rules. Thought I was just being precise/descriptive.

  6. Did he really just pull a Glock 21 out of his pocket as opposed to a holster?

  7. Sorry about the previous double post.
    Inside the CCW Breakaways pocket, the G41 is locked in a modified Safariland P-2 ALS security holster. Trigger guard is well covered. Quite safe, secure, invisible and comfy. Sub 2-second stationary draw to hit from relaxed start position, well under a second if you start with hand in pocket.

  8. True 50 feet isn’t that far but it’s the longest range available to me. That’s why I try to keep my free standing groups around 2 inches. Looking fwd to trying longer range shooting when i get the opportunity.

  9. Do you have holsters? Their pants and shorts look perfectly normal. Work better for me than any belt holster. YMMV

  10. If youre that close, less than 3 feet: 1) youre gunna get stabbed/cut 2) you wont have time to pull your gun when it haplens 3) youre going hands on 4) the three other attackers arent going to just stand there like dummies.
    To quote army seargent garcia from the bloody butthole in bowling green ohio when asked how do you respond to people attacking from within 5′ quote “you better punch that bitch, cause you arent getting your pistol or knife fast enough… unless youve got youre rifle up, then spray that ho” end quote.

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