Stop doing that

Dear OC activists: please stop comparing yourself to Rosa Parks or other civil rights activists. What you’re doing is obeying the law in an annoying and childish fashion. Rosa Parks actually broke the law to act as a test case for an unjust and immoral segregation law. You’re not Rosa Parks. If you want to compare yourself to real civil rights activists, try engaging in some real civil disobedience.


  1. If you exercise a right you already have (long gun OC) *in an asinine fashion* all you can do is: best case, maintain status quo ante-inanity or, worst case, -lose- it.

    You *won*, revel in the victory but use it only as really necessary. Hint, exercising it “to get pistol OC” is neither necessary nor actually *helpful*.

  2. With a reasonable level of certainty, I believe this post is directed at me. How many of those people in your previous video did you say were arrested?
    If what they did was legal, I think we need to reconcile those two concepts. “Legal”. “Arrested”.

    And unless you suddenly signed onto the ACLU, you should be cognizant of the idea that right to carry is a civil right.

    Also, gun ownership carries several parallels with the civil rights movement of the 60s: I’ve heard it said multiple times that “gunowners are the new niggers of society”, and had it pointed out that the same person who feels pointlessly nervous sitting on the bus next to somebody because they’re open carrying is the person who would’ve felt nervous sitting next to a black person on the bus simply because they were black.

    1. Long gun OC is legal but dumb and has never been “normal” in the US or even the colonies outside of times of active hostilities with Indians.

      The weapons carried on the body for defense in this country have been -sidearms-: swords, Bowie knives, and pistols. That is the American “normal” and going beyond it “just because you can” when the right to legally OC long guns is under *zero* threat is counter-productive and puerile.

        1. Muskets were not normally carried *in town* for self-defense. Recall even in the earliest days it required a law to *make* people go to the inconvenience of toting them to church in case of Indian attack on the scattered settlements. Even then normal people would rather carry something handy, say a sidearm, for defense.

          If you lived outside of town you undoubtedly had one on your horse or in your wagon, or even on your shoulder, but you didn’t pack it around town once you arrived. The modern equivalent for those scenarios is leaving it properly secured in your trunk. “But, but, theft…” is an idiotic excuse, lock-boxes and cables are cheap = if security is truly a concern, not an excuse to attention-whore.

          1. My father was once required to leave a rifle cased in his car. It was broken into and stolen, because there isn’t anything in a 2 door Geo Tracker to lock a rifle to. The doors were locked. They cut through the top of the car.
            Welp, one more gun in the hands of criminals because of the “Breakfast at Dennys” law.
            And yeah, he would’ve brought the case in, if it had been allowed. But you know, laws and stuff.

          2. That sucks. But no roll bar to chain to in a soft top? He didn’t bother to bolt a d-ring or lock box anywhere to prevent a smash and grab -knowing- he had a cloth top?

            In any event, you don’t see the difference between discretely taking an unloaded and cased rifle into an establishment for the sole purpose of preventing theft (which is properly referred to as “transporting”) and carrying a loaded rifle slung at the ready for self-defense (the explicit stated purpose of the OC activists) as if you were patrolling for tangos in the galleria?

          3. hm, nesting limit reached. Car looked like this. Not so much place to put it, no.
            That said, I recognize the difference. It’s approximately 30 seconds in case of an armed robbery. Commonly referred to as either “an eternity” or “too long”.

            I’m of an anarchist’s school of thought. Tyranny is most simply referred to as “that which the government is allowed to do, but the citizen is not”. Having spent 8 years in the armed forces before coming to my present philosophical understanding, people with slung longarms are pretty everyday to me. I also consider the knee-jerk fear reaction to seeing a firearm to be a phobia (possibly “hoplophobia” as Alan Korwin commonly calls it), and think it’s laudable to desensitize people to it in terms of private populace, NOT government jackboots: the opposite of what we’re actually getting.

    2. They weren’t arrested for OC’ing. They were arrested for disturbing the peace or something like that.

        1. So you’re saying that it should be legal to walk up to a black guy, and say to his face “I’m going to kill you, nigger” while you’re openly carrying an AR15?

          1. Implying that anything they did was a direct threat of violence to an actionable human being.
            No, I’m not saying anything of the sort, and neither were they. Stop that.

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