Prep for 1st 3 Gun Match

20140618-112102-40862122.jpgI had planned to sign up for one or two small club matches to practice my 3 gun skills prior to the ladies major match in October. I now find myself preparing for the Freedom Munitions 3 Gun match being held at Clinton House Plantation in South Carolina this weekend. This match seems to be shaping up to be more than just a small monthly match. I have discovered that many of the big name pros will be in attendance, and now I’ve been told that there will be a 375 yard rifle shot!

My coaches have been wonderful, and it is partially their goading that made me decide to sign up for this match. However, I have no doubt that I am in way over my head. Not only do I have no way of practicing a 375 yard shot, I have only tried a 200 yard shot a handful of times. To further frustrate the situation, my coaches will be on the pro squad, so I will not have them by my side for walk throughs. My stomach isn’t full of butterflies, it’s full of pterodactyls!

list 1list 2While have limited days to do more practicing, I have come up with one solution to calm my nerves; a 3 gun competition checklist. It’s probably got a few things on it that I wont need, and is probably missing a few as well.


  1. I spent all last week feeling way over my head at the MGM Ironman. It starts rough, but makes for a hell of an experience! I was fortunate to have lots of coaching assistance from my squad.

  2. Most of us have been there and done that, 3 Gun is a complicated sport. Shoot your best, learn from others, and be safe. You will feel overwhelmed at times, but that’s how you start.

  3. Looks good. Learning from my first 3 gun match afew weeks ago I would add extra ear and eye pro. Something for shade depending on your venue and a thermostat for a ’97 For explorer. Of course maybe your flying there…

  4. Good post, keep up the good work. Trying to decide if I should take the nail brush or not.

    1. I cut my nails short for shooting and then it’s real hard to get in there and clean em out. Dirty nails just make me feel dirty all over.

  5. If that’s say’s “shooting mat” you can leave that at home. You generally have to use the surface they provide. I would add elbow pads for prone. I’m lucky enough to have a 500 yd. range available, just plug your ammo data into one of the online ballistics programs and it will tell you your hold over from a 200 yd. zero for that 375 shot. Won’t be perfect and practice would help, but that’s all you have.

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