HK VP9 sight radius comparison


Top Left: VP9 and Px4 Storm
Top Right: VP9 and M&P Fullsize
Bottom Left: VP9 and FNS-9
Bottom Right: VP9 and 5906

No, we don’t have any Glock 17s laying around.

What’s most interesting about this to me is that all these pistols have roughly the same barrel length, with the M&P being the longest at 4.25. The Storm and FNS both have 4 inch barrels, and clearly lose to the VP9 in the sight radius battle. The M&P’s slightly longer barrel gives it an edge, although I wonder if that might be changed by putting aftermarket sights on the VP9.


  1. Damn you with all this VP9 love!! You make me question my decision to trade my CZ P07 for an XDm 5.25, so I could have a dedicated IDPA gun. Because as you know having one of these new shiny objects like the VP9 and Sig P320 would would INSTANTLY cure all the flaws in my fundamentals!

    1. Ya know . . . I’m kind of the opposite over here. Not on the fundamentals, mine suck, no disagreement there. But the G17 is doing every little thing I ask of it at the moment. I don’t actually know what the big advantage for the VP9 would be in my application, where I probably won’t have to worry about a 60,000-round torture test. I guess there are always the ergonomics to think about . . . it looks like it feels like a P30, and that’s a good feeling. But the thing that made me consider choosing the P30 over the Glock was the hammer and the long DA trigger, for re-holstering safety, and the VP9 has neither of those. At best, giving it everything it claims, it’s a more-ergonomic, better-made Glock/M&P/PPQ.

      If you’re looking for a striker-fired pistol right now, obviously this is exciting. But as I look at the G17 on my hip, if I were going to be moved to replace it, it wouldn’t be by another striker-fired 9mm polymer pistol. Now, if someone dangled a P30 in front of my face at a discount . . .

      You, Rumblestrip, are in a different situation, as you have a Springfield XD in your house. If you’re not careful, those things will darken your heart, whisper lies into your mind, and cause you to fall in battle as soon as they see an opportunity to move back to Lord Sauron. The Springfield XD series have but one Master, and he does not share power.
      I read about it on the internet.

  2. I have a 17. Send the VP9 over and I’ll snap a couple of pics and ship it or a handgun of equivalent color right back to you.

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