Open carry gear: Safariland ALS holster with Colt 1911

Safariland ALS with Colt 1911-1

For the OC experiment, I wanted to practice what I preach. That means a proper retention holster. Yesterday, I wore a Galco M4, which was a pretty good choice, but the narrow paddle was uncomfortable for all day wear. I remembered that I had a spare ALS for a 1911 sitting around, so I put a Safariland paddle on the ALS and am now using that. It’s more comfortable, and the on-belt retention is better, but the smaller release on the ALS gives up a bit of speed to the Galco.


  1. Maybe you can clarify something for me…

    Are paddle holsters supposed to have the paddle inside your pants, or between pants and belt? Or maybe does it depend on the particular holster?

  2. Glad you like the Safariland Paddle, I don’t!!

    I happen to have a Pile of them on a box somewhere around here, LMK if you want more I have them to spare!!

    I prefer the Safariland Belt Clip much better!!


  3. That’s the way I wear mine, I’ve just seen a lot of people with the paddle outside.

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