The racism of gun control

It’s sad but true. Minorities can shoot each other up all day long, in schools, out of schools, and the media doesn’t bat an eye. Two black kids in Compton killing each other isn’t news, it’s a statistic. A white kid in Oregon shoots some people up, and there is a huge article on CNN and the President is asking for more gun control. This raises the question, why do the media, the President, and gun control advocates not care about black people? Why are the only victims of “gun crime” that they care about white?


  1. So true. I live in the Chicago area, and although these crimes are reported in the local media, they do not receive the same intense coverage by the media, nor the level of outrage expressed by gun control advocates .

  2. Is it because of race, or is it because of the location, a place that is not typically in the news for such heinous behavior?When something has been a typical occurrence (Chicago Murders) it has no shock value; when it take place in a place not known for these types of actions, it is ALARMING, it’s the Spread of Wicked Evil and Must be stopped. Is it really because of the race, or is it how it is viewed and discussed?

  3. I don’t think its racism. Blacks in America are still a minority but their crime rate is exceeds other races by multiples. This has been shown year after year. Look at your local police reports, shootings happen often. Don’t try to compare a races extremely high violence rate with someone who walked into a school and started shooting kids. Of course the attack that happens to “victims” and “children” will draw more attention then some thugs shooting each other for drug money.

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