1. Just wondering your source for evaluation of ICORE in “The Business of Shooting Sports” series. ICORE BOD have indicated it wasn’t from them.

  2. You speak of a steady and consistent population of wheelgunners, the burnout factor of aging participants, and lack of suitable replacements, which is compounded by an all volunteer organization. That does address membership levels and makeup, if only in a round about fashion. I don’t dispute anything you say; I have been a member since the first IRC in ’92. Your second paragraph was dead on. When I pointed out your post, which I thought for someone who admits to never attending in IRC, and I thought was spot on, to the acting chairman, he wondered where the source of information came from. His question, not mine. I wish to leave it there. I don’t want to go into any more specific rights and wrongs about ICORE in a very public forum. My point was that you have a lot better feel for what is going on with ICORE better than a majority of the membership. Thanks for the plug of the organization.

  3. Caleb,
    As the Chairman of ICORE and an NRA AP Shooter I enjoyed your article on both shooting sports. However, as Pete pointed out I was wondering where you got your information. I would be glad to talk to you at any time just email me.
    David Surgi
    Chairman, ICORE
    Owner Secure Firearm Products

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