Does anyone know the source of this photo


Found on The Chive a while ago; there are number of interesting things about this photo, not the least of which is the ginger gentleman’s tremendous facial appendenge. It appears that their rifles are British SMLEs, and that the sleeve of the ginger’s shirt says Canada on it. Any ideas what the context or where this is originally from would be appreciated.

Edit:It turns out they’re the Canadian Rangers, which as someone put it on Facebook “The Knight’s Watch in red hoodies.” They’re awesome.


  1. I’m not sure of other browsers, but Google Chrome has the ability to right click on an image and choose “Search Google for this image”. This picture turned up about 3 pages of information, which is a pretty narrow search result, and you can see where else it’s been used.

    1. This image was found using The Chive’s iPad app, saved to the iPad’s hard drive, and uploaded using the WordPress App. None of which involves google chrome.

  2. Not SMLEs but the No.4 Enfield – essentially an interwar redesign of the original Lee-Enfield lineage.

  3. The last service issue of the Lee-Enfield. I think they just took them out of service.

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