Drill of the week: There and back again

Watch me run around like an idiot! This drill has 56 yards of total movement, which is more than you’re likely to move in the entirety of an IDPA match. There are two scoring methods for this drill. The method depicted in the video is the “points only” method, where the time isn’t important, only the hits count. Based on that method, I would have scored a 7/10, because three shots fell out of the 8 inch circle.

The other method is raw time scoring, where you use a slightly larger target area and shoot on steel. In that format, the drill is shot on an IPSC A/C steel target, and you shoot at each position until you get two hits. Your score is your raw time. As soon as I get my steel in, I’ll set up and run that method.

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  1. Very nice. But damn, if, back in my football and rugby days, running suicides had been like this, I would have eagerly anticipated them as opposed to groaning inwardly. Good stuff…

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