Question for the viewers and readers

I usually film the Wednesday video on Tuesday afternoon. We have three options for a video tomorrow:

  1. A 90 Second Gun Review
  2. A training/drill focused video
  3. A humorous video about looking cool at matches

Everyone seemed to enjoy the humorous Eject and Catch video, and I really do enjoy making the humor videos. I don’t want to push my luck with them though, so if you’d rather get a serious video one week and a funny video later, I am in this case at the mercy of the readers. Let me know in the comments which you’d prefer, and we’ll film that!


  1. Beign a newbie, any video that provides good information is welcomed.

  2. Which gun would the 90 second review be of? Otherwise, humor about looking awesome at matches.

  3. depends on the gun you would be reviewing. alternating the humor vids works too.

  4. I like your drill videos at the range the most. Dry fire videos are useful, but boring. Good explanations, use of the timer and various camera angles. Your 90 second gun reviews are good. I get the humor, but you can be a little cheesy.

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