Everytown for Gun Safety doesn’t know how guns work

everytown for gun derp

This is just classic. By now you’ve heard that Mayor Bloomberg, who thinks that everyone loves him and that his actions for gun control have guaranteed him a spot in heaven, rebranded his gun control groups as Everytown for Gun Safety. You also probably know that the prime FB page for that name got jumped by a pro-gun group, leaving Bloomie & Co with the less desirable “Everytown For Gun Safety.Org” in their FB url. The other day, they posted the above image on Facebook.

It’s such a perfect commentary on how the gun control movement thinks. It’s like a virgin lecturing on the dangers of sex, but they think that the prime entry point is the belly button or the ear canal. That’s just not how it works, and it makes you look even less credible than you already were.

You’d think 50 million bucks would be able to buy some art that isn’t just completely wrong in every way.

Edit: There is a chance this could be a fake. Here’s the detective work. The image linked was posted on https://www.facebook.com/everytownforgunsafety.org – the page has a few hundred likes, and posts typical anti-gun pap. It even shared a picture from MAIG’s official FB page, so it’s simple to make a connection. However, if you visit the official website of Everytown for Gun Safety (everytown.org) their “official” FB page is listed as https://www.facebook.com/DemandAction, and this image doesn’t show up anywhere on that page.

It’s quite likely the image and page is a fairly cleverly done parody of the anti-gun page, in which case I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. If it is fake, my falling for it can be absolutely chalked up to confirmation bias on my part. I want Bloomie & Co to be this dumb, and to make stuff like this. I should know better and always check my sources.


  1. I understand your professional pride but don’t be too hard on yourself. Looked like a perfect example to me. Still, the fact remains, the only chance that bloomberger and his anti-gun ilk would ever find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun is if they were holding one. Therefore it was logical to assume that the image was a product of their infertile minds.

  2. My guns must be broken. Only the little piece at the top comes out of the barrel and the big piece flies out of the side. WTF?

  3. I think it’s neither from Everytown, nor a fake, at least not originally. The original (or at least a version that predates Everytown) can be seen here:


    It looks like it’s just a piece of concept art that was submitted to a campaign run by design association AIGA. Then somebody must have slapped the Everytown logo on it. A silly mistake by the designer, to be sure, but not one actually connected with Bloomberg.

  4. I appreciate that you make the effort to maintain a professional standard of care. I see many images that, while sometimes quite funny, are only designed to incite or inflame the reader. I believe that the pro-gun argument is a good one and stands on it’s own without anyone’s bending of the truth.

  5. Been saying it was fake for days. Had a comment with 250 likes that I changed to mention that the page was a clever decoy and they promptly deleted it and blocked me.

    I notified everyone last night about my suspicions and I guess enough people reported it to get it shut down.

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