1. Sounds like the things you hate about it would be solved with the Springfield XDs save for the forward cocking serrations. And yes I really like my XDs, but haven’t been able to fire a Shield yet.

  2. I agree – I like my Springfield XDs in 9mm for all of the reasons he does not like the M&P Shield. It has a grip safety and serrated slide and can shoot 3 inch or better groups at 25 yards all day long !!!

  3. You mentioned the Sig so I watched your review of it. You mentioned the actual weight and MSRP which is good info to not have to look up.

    If you get the chance I’d like to know how you think the Kahr PM9 compares to the Smith, Sig etc.

  4. I have a Shield 40, nice gun, shoots well, quite accurate for small lightweight pistol. The only thing I don’t like about the Shield line is the lack of interchangeable palm swells. Safety doesn’t bother me, neither do the serrations being only in back; however, for me the unit is a bit too large for everyday carry, especially since I drive everyday. That’s why I would pick the Sig P938 over the Shield. It’s smaller and carries nicely any style, even ankle. I can drive all day with the Sig P938, Kahr MK40 or Ruger LCP appendix, hip or ankle carry and not be bothered at all; not so with the Shield.

  5. The one and only thing I would add to the ‘do not like’ list are the stock sights and lack of aftermarket options. It would be awesome if their was a standard notch and post tritium set available. The closest I’ve found are the Ameriglo sights but they use some sort of ‘U’ rear notch and always seem to be on back-order. (Side note: I really like that SIG is defaulting to putting tritium sights on everything these days.)

    I totally agree, the only thing dumber than a thumb safety on a DAO, striker fired pistol is a grip safety on any pistol.

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