Vera Koo’s return to Bianchi Cup

Ammoland has the story of how past champion Vera Koo is walking the hard road back to Bianchi Cup after breaking her leg.

Many members of the shooting world are aware that last year I did not defend my Bianchi title. I was not even in Missouri during my favorite event of the year. I was in California, attempting to re-learn how to walk.

In 2013, just a few weeks before the Bianchi Cup, I broke my leg, a spiral fracture of my right fibula and tibia. My doctor felt it would take 6 months until I could walk normally, and a full year for the swelling to reduce, as I mentioned in my inaugural column for The WON. But, while I lay in a Missouri hospital, I had the same tunnel vision that I have while competing. I knew that in less than 1 year, I needed to be completely recovered from a potentially permanently debilitating injury, so I mapped out my plan for a full recovery from my hospital bed.

Read the full story at Ammoland.


  1. This is the woman that should be on the NRA videos as the face of women shooters, not that Hammer Four one.

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