1. Hey– How are you liking that new grip on your 640 pro? I am thinking about one for mine as well and would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Awesome Sauce! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
    Will you be running hotter .357 to compare perceived recoil as well?

      1. So?!?!?? How about a hint???
        Was it a life-altering experience? Or as disappointing as the last episode of the Soprano’s?

  3. What’s with me 24/7 is a ruger LCR with a crimson trace laser grips, a shrade cliffhanger knife used as a neck knife with a whistle attached. In my knapsack is a S&W 625 with 3 loaded moonclips.

  4. I always have the knife and pistol, but I never claimed to be that civilized so I skip the watch.

  5. The Essentials: carry gun (Kahr MK40 or SigP938SAS), Sog Mini-Trident or Buck Custom110, S&W Tritium Watch, some type of (pocket clip size) LED Flashlight and at least one spare mag of ammo.

  6. I’d add a small flashlight to the list, as well as swapping out the watch for a nicer mechanical one, but that’s just me.

  7. That aftermarket grip may be a worthwhile accoutrement but it
    Looks Obscene !

  8. I have those three things with me most of the time as well. Maybe the fact I still wear a watch often means I’m old? Regardless, looking forward to your feedback on the grip Caleb.

      1. You would rather have someone you had an altercation with provide all the facts to 911?

  9. A pistol is a hand held firearm wherein the chamber and barrel are one integral part. What you’re showing in the photo is a revolver, not a pistol. Just saying.

  10. Maybe in the true technical parlance but hasn’t “Pistol” become like “Coke” for simple descriptive terms ?

    Even Stodgy old Glock uses the term “Pistol” in their literature. But maybe they wouldn’t if they made Revolvers too ? ;^\

    “A pistol is a hand held firearm wherein the chamber and barrel are one integral part….”

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