1. .22LR is hitting the shelves again? In quantities beyond what the jerks who show up and buy it up first thing every morning to sell online can absorb?

  2. “As .22 LR ammo begins to hit shelves again”

    Lies. It is still cheaper for me to reload 9mm than it is buy .22LR. Significantly cheaper.

  3. What does this mean, hitting the shelves? I search the internet daily and stores routinely; the only stuff I’ve seen is usually not bulk packs. Recently saw an ad for some bulk ammo that people who reviewed it, said it was junk. It’s a name brand that also recently had a recall. Still overpriced, though not too much, but who cares if it doesn’t shoot for nuttin : ( Decided I will not waste my time being first in-line to buy some of this namer brand junk. I had a problem with some of this brands Supreme ammo a couple years back, it was like $5 for 50 then, and wasn’t worth more than a buck for what I got in those boxes. They sent me a refund after I wrote them.

  4. In what universe, or multiverse, is .22lr hitting shelves? There is not a single box for sale in the entire state of Indiana.

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