Bianchi Cup 2014

Bianchi Cup is one of my favorite matches of the year. It has the prestige and fanfare that any National Championship should, along with an excellent prize table, a chance to spend time with some good friends, and an excuse to buy a new dress for the awards ceremony.

DSC04626This year, I decided that instead of shooting my snakeskin M&P or an AAC-branded Nighthawk or anything else as over-the-top as the match itself, I’d take some of my own advice. I have long told shooters who are interested in the action pistol sports and trying to decide what to get as their first competition gun to buy a Glock 34, a few mags, and a Blade-Tech holster. Nothing fancy, but all of it good, quality gear.

So, when a Glock 34 came into GunUp the other day, I decided to buy it, pair it with some extra mags and a Blade-Tech holster we had lying around (I live in the kind of house that has 9mm Glock mags and Blade-Tech Glock holsters laying around, conveniently) and start training for the Cup! While I’m not expecting to come home with another medal (there are going to be a lot more ladies shooting Production than there were shooting Metallic division last year) I’m going to shoot my best, have a good time, and report back on what it’s like to take my own advice for a change.