Weekend adventures: coyote hunting

Tomorrow I’m heading out to Nevada for a coyote hunt. This should be a pretty neat adventure, as I’ve never done a properly organized coyote hunt before. I’ve shot them over bait, but never actually spent time calling them in and trying to outsmart what is one of the smartest animals in the world.


Fun fact: coyotes are the only indigenous North American predator whose numbers have increased since white people came to the continent. The ‘yote is also an important figure in various Native American mythologies, and of course the name of various sports teams, including the USD Coyotes.

I’ll be attending this hunt as part of a media trip, sponsored by Crimson Trace and supported by Ruger and Leupold. I don’t know what guns and glass we’ll be using, but I’ll have a full report on the great coyote shoot-out when I return to civilization on Monday. Anyone who’d like to share tips and info on coyote hunting in the comments is more than welcome.

My secret hope is that Ruger will be setting us up with some of their sweet M77 rifles in .204 Ruger, because I’ve always wanted to whack coyotes with that round. We’ll find out tomorrow!


  1. Used to have Coyote Pelt seat covers on my Corvette car until one day I got caught in the rain with my tops off. When the seat covers got wet they smelled BAD!. I took them off and set fire to them.

  2. I highly recommend trying out prarie dog hunting…As far as varmint hunting goes, it is hella fun. You just plop down with a rifle and lay waste to varmints from a long way out. Bring a rangefinder, sunscreen, a spotting scope and a buddy and take turns burning up hundreds of rounds of your most accurate ammunition from your most accurate rifle.

  3. Set us up a P-Dog hunt there in SoDak, and I’ll drive out a whole shebang of varmint whacking goodies for you to play with…………. probably be able to talk you onto an 800+ shot on a P-dog……….1000+ if the wind isn’t too bad, and you can remember your bullseye shooting trigger control.

    Enjoy your hunt……….

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