1. > if you buy an entry level AR and it’s not this rifle, you’re wrong.

    I’m as glad as anyone to see that Colt is making an “entry level” AR-15, and I’ve heard good things about this. But for $350 less, you can get Smith & Wesson’s entry level AR rifle, their “M&P 15 Sport”.

    For $1,000 – $1,100, I can get a Colt 6920. I’ve seen 6920s in my area for $999 since November, and they’re not selling at that price.

    And this gun is not a Colt. According to the product web page at http://www.coltcompetitionrifle.com/Firearms/ColtSportingRifleModelCSR1516.aspx

    This rifle is a licensed product of New Colt Holding Corp., and is manufactured under License by BOLD IDEAS TEXAS.

    1. Man, that’s weird. I just looked at the receiver and it’s stamped “Colt’s MFG Co LLC Hartford, Conn.” Almost like the receiver is made by Colt and final assembly is done by Colt Competition in Texas.

      1. The Colt/Umarex .22 LR M4 says the same thing. See the second photo at, God forgive me, TTAG’s review. I don’t think anyone considers these a “real genuine Colt”.

        I have in my hands right now a Colt/Umarex .177 pellet gun that says “Colt’s PT.F.A. MFG. HARTFORD. CONN. U.S.A.” on the slide. Right below that it says “Made in Germany”. The name “Umarex” does not appear anywhere on it. As much as I like it, I would not refer to it as a “real genuine Colt”.

        I have no idea what, if any part, of the CSR is made in Hartford by Colt. I have the same question about the Colt 6900 “Light Rifle”, MSRP ~ $900. The “new” CSR may just be a re-branded 6900 for all I know. I don’t see a “prancing pony” or “Hartford horsey” logo on any of these items.

        It is also noteworthy that the CSR (nor 6900) does not appear Colt’s 2014 catalog, nor on their “Rifles” web page.

        Does it have the Colt name on it. Yes. Is it is “real genuine Colt”? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it depends on your definition of “real” and “genuine”.

        Oh, I see all sorts of rumors and speculation on the internet about what these rifles actually are. Perhaps someone with your connections can definitively settle these mysteries once and for all.

        1. Interestingly, the rifles made by CCR do appear in the Colt booth at SHOT/NRA shows, while the Umarex made .22s do not. Plus, I know that the receivers for the CCR guns are genuine Colt receivers. I do not know where CCR sources their other parts from.

  2. I agree with my fellow anonymous replier at 0741. Entry level ar15 should not cost $1k. If your going to get a Colt get the real deal and spend just little extra. Or save some money and get the M&P 15 Sport, use the money saved on ammo and practice, practice, practice.
    Admit it Caleb, you screwed the pooch on this one.

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