Gun Nuts Movie Review: Lone Survivor

You should go see Lone Survivor. If you haven’t, drop your plans for tonight and make it happen.


Lone Survivor is a great movie. Don’t go see it because it’s a great movie. It’s a stunning and brutal war movie. Don’t go see it just because it’s a war movie. The gun handling is the best I’ve ever seen in a Hollywood war movie. Don’t go see it because the gun handling is good.

Our culture doesn’t have a tradition of storytellers that pass on tales of heroes to children and future generations. Instead, we have movies and television. Just as the great storytellers of ancient ages added embellishment and drama to the feats of Leonidas and the 300, Alexander the Great, King David and other great warriors; so now our storytellers tell the tales of great men through television and film. Band of Brothers showed a generation a look at World War 2 unlike any other, and it created legends out of the men of Easy Company. Their legend and the show only added to the knowledge of what so many Americans sacrificed during World War 2.

Lone Survivor does much the same thing. It creates legends of men that were already heroes, and in so doing ads to the stories of the thousands of brave Americans that have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. The storytellers of old created legends so that their people, their families and friends might have heroes, and in those stories the heroes would be granted a measure of immortality.

Go so see Lone Survivor. Not because it’s a good war movie, or because the gun handling is great. Go see Lone Survivor so that those stories, those men, and their legend can be granted that same small measure of immortality.


  1. It was cool to see Marcus’s little cameos in there. He is a humble hero for sure, not much was said about the 7 miles he crawled on his belly to get to that village. It was good to see Murphs bravery depicted, but the movie is hard to watch imagining what those guys went thru. It makes you proud to be an American just to know we still produce men willing to do these things at such great risk. I do wish more had been said about the guys on the chopper who also sacrificed it all. Not to sound like a snob but everyone should read the book too, as good as the movie is it can’t cover everything like the book did.

  2. For obvious reasons, the book had a bit more detail than the movie. I applaud Luttrel for his effort on both endeavors. If anything he is honest and humble for admitting what all of us know are natural emotions such as fear and anger. There is no cowardice in that. God Bless the warrior.

  3. Saw the movie last night in Glasgow Scotland. Not only was it one of the best films I’ve ever seen it was a true story and make heroes out of people who are already heroes but we just didn’t know them. A film everyone should see

  4. Saw the movie last week; it was one of those films that keeps you breathless and on the edge of your seat, then leaves you emotionally spent at the end. I thought it was outstanding; so much so that I ordered both of Luttrell’s books the next day. Looking forward to reading them.

  5. I applaud the effort that went into this film. A guy in the S-2 shop said it was like being back. For that reason, I think I will wait and Redbox it so as can watch it by myself.

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