90 Second Gun Reviews: Kel-Tec PF9

Saying bad things about a Kel-Tec is a bit like hunting over bait…with a grenade launcher. But the problem is everything I said is a legitimate criticism of the gun. For $260, it’s not cheap like a Hi-Point which is basically disposable, but for a few dollars more you could upgrade to a real gun made by a reputable manufacturer.


  1. My face has ‘stache envy. Caleb please, please tell me you also have the aviator sun glasses to match.

    Ohh, nice gun review. So, you are saying the PF9 is not your EDC?

    Love the blog. Keep up the good work / ‘stache.

  2. I don’t have any cheap guns. My only single stack nine is an H&K P7. I agree with the conclusion that it’s smarter to spend another $150-$250 or so and get a nicer gun. Some people can’t do that. Some people see a gun as an appliance and won’t do it.

    All you have a right to expect from a $260 pistol is that it run. The several shooting tests I’ve read about the PF9 say it does that.

  3. Saw one fall apart on the range, not explode, just fall apart. But there really is something positive about Kel-Tec, they have a great warranty! So shooting more than a box or two will probably put you on a first name basis with their customer service people.

    But hey, it worked for George Zimmerman!!

  4. One of the most unpleasant shooting experiences I ever had was with a PF9. After one shot of WWB, I carefully put the gun down and waited for the tingling to stop. I traded it immediately for a model 64 snub.
    Heck, my model 36 with splinter grips and +p wasn’t as painful.

  5. I love my Kel-Tec P11 it is reliable, accurate, and I made several trades to get the gun, I love having 10-13 rounds of 9mm goodness available, in a small, concealable package, yes it is inexpensive, but it is well made, not cheaply made. I see this as another Glock v 1911 war. Yes I could have spent more, but why? It is just what I wanted, and I have not been disappointed. To each his own!

    1. The P 11 does have the advantage of a thicker grip- based around the old S&W 59 mag, if I remember correctly. Which should do away with the old PF9 “dear Lord, did a m80 just explode in my hand” recoil feeling after firing a shot.

  6. M&P Shield, all day long. They did some strange voodoo to the Sied to make it accurate and soft shooting. The trigger is heavy out of the box but usable. I just need to find decent night sights for mine. I carry the Shield IWB.

  7. dandapani. look at kahr cm 9. similar size, much better materials and design. better trigger also.

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