1. The best M&P’s were all six shot K frames with double action pulls to make an old Colt cry.

  2. Hey, I’m a moody, bearded, bespectacled misfit who likes esoteric stuff, but THAT doesn’t make me a hipster. Being a hipster is like being a hippy- defined by the ones who are trying too hard and doing it wrong. I say rock the wheelgun!

    1. I’m not sure a lot of hipsters own handguns. Ones that do more likely have a plastic M&P than an old Detective Special. They’re probably trying to chase down some game changer RIP ammo for it right about now.

  3. I still own both, but I’m a lot older than you. My wife still says that real guns are blue steel and walnut. However, I also own an M&P, a SR9c and a digital camera. They are all fun.

  4. My K1000 still gets used periodically. It got supplanted by a ZX-5n for most duties (and a 67II for when I’m feeling really frisky), but when it comes to silent photography nothing beats my K1000. That thing is a tank and I’ll use it to teach my son photography when the time comes. My dad taught me, when using the K1000 the only person or thing to blame for a bad shot is the operator… there’s nothing but your own brain making the decisions.

    1. Silent??? Are you serious? With my digi cameras I can turn off all the beeps, but if I remember correctly the K1000 doesn’t have a way to lock the mirror up and thus eliminate that *huge* sound. (The KX and other pro-series versions do have that lockup capability.)

      1. compared to all the noises my ZX-5n makes on every trigger trip, or the comparative sound of a gun going off that is that monsterous piece of mirrored glass used in the 67II, it’s down right SILENT. plus I have a nice leather case that seems to dampen the noise even more.

  5. Aren’t hipsters really just the new generation of yuppies that don’t want to be conformists, so they all are conforming, by not conforming?

    Hipster #1: “Dude, all those yuppies are spending all their money on fancy digital cameras. That’s so lame! I’m going over to my parents/grandparents house and digging out their old film camera!”
    Hipster #2: “Yeah, me too!”
    Hipster #3: “Yeah, me too!”

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