CZ’s P-09 Updates

20140129-105037.jpgHave I mentioned I’m a CZ fan? This year at SHOTShow CZ brought to the table products that were better than brand new. They brought previously introduced products that had been given BIG updates for 2014. After all, if it ain’t broke… One such offering is the updated P-07 which now has the great features introduced last year in the P-09. These include interchangeable backstraps and the option to change between a manual safety and a decocking leaver. So the P-07 is now better but just a small P-09, so let’s talk about that bad boy instead.

From behind the retail counter I often handed women a steel CZ 75 (of some configuration, ie P-06, SP-01, PCR or P-01) with rubber grips that they almost always fell for, instantly. However, while some men appreciated the ergonomics of the grip, most found the slide too narrow for easy racking. That’s when I would hand them the P-09. (This is all assuming they aren’t dead set on the G17 or something. If that’s what they wanted I’d be happy to give it to them. But if they were shopping for something similar to a Sig 226, this was usually the comparison I made. After all, I’m not a CZ sales person, but since too many people have never heard of the brand, it always felt good to be able to introduce customers to a company in which I genuinely believe.)

For 2014 the CZ P-09 is now available in Flat Dark Earth, which is a big change for a company who is only a few years removed from first offering polymer framed pistols, in general. The FDE option tells me that CZ is ready to seriously play in the US market, maybe even the US military market. For my money, they already offer the best out-of-the-box SA triggers on the market (not including 1911s of of coures), so now they will be standing out visually as well. CZ may even snag a few customers who are looking for the elusive FDE framed Gen4 Glock.


  1. As an aside, nothing elusive about FDE framed Gen4 Glocks. They seem to appear on every other email I get from CDNN, and here in Texas the last two times I went to a gun show they were on several dealers’ tables.

  2. Too bad that CZ just can’t seem to get enough of their excellent guns into the market here. They do have top notch customer service, which is a huge plus in the field. I have used a 75B DA/SA 9mm model for years in competition. A couple of years ago I got the P-07 for a new youth shooter. I ended up liking the trigger on the P-07 better than my 75B. I have yet to see a P-09 in the wild, but I am curious if the grip area is as narrow as the P-07, or wider, being more like a 75B. With large hands, I need all the grip area I can get.

    1. That is CZ’s biggest issue, but I still believe they’re worth the wait. As for grip width, I have big hands (for a girl) and the P-07 has only barely seemed too small… I imagine the interchangeable backstraps may solve this for you.

      Then again, if you like the 75B and your “big hands” can handle the narrow slide, then the P-09 (aka full sized version of the P-07) will probably make you very happy.

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