New Product spotlight: ERGO Grips Delta revolver grip

Every year at SHOT, I’ll invariably be told by people that I have to see product X at some booth because it’s totally incredible and will melt my brain and change the way I think about something or another. That’s usually not the case, however at SHOT 2014 when I received a text from GunUp the Magazine’s managing editor Shelley Rae, I was quite interested in the product.


Shelley had sent me a picture of the grip pictured above, the new Delta grip from ERGO. My first thought was “what in the actual…” because let’s be honest, it’s not going to win any beauty competitions. It looks like a big black potato has attached itself to that poor j-frame, and your initial impulse is to just laugh and walk away. That lasted right up until I picked it up and went “ohhhhh, that’s what they’re trying to do.”

The point of the Delta grip is that it changes the way you interact with the grips on your defensive revolver. Instead of a small grip with not a lot of purchase area, the Delta gives you a ton of grip surface for better control. It also positions your hand about as high on the backstrap as you can get it, which means better recoil control out of the small guns. You can use a proper thumbs forward grip with the Delta without risking burnination, because it moves your hands a little further back on the grip.


My initial impressions are pretty good. Yes, it’s ugly. But I don’t carry a j-frame to impress people with how pretty my gun is, I carry it to shoot smelly badguys in the face in defense of my life. I’ve already requested a T&E unit from ERGO so we can get some serious trigger time on it and shake out if it really does offer improvements over a stock j-frame grip. I’m very interested to see how it performs in live fire. So far my interactions with the grip are all at SHOT Show, which is fine for establishing feel, hand position, and the other things I’ve mentioned already, but doesn’t really show me how it works when rounds are going off.

More to come on the new ERGO Delta revolver grip!


  1. I would worry about two aspects;

    Being able to get a grip on this thing at speed from the holster.

    And being able to keep a hold on it in a fight if it turns into a gun grab.

    1. I worry more about the former than the latter; that’s why I want to really wring one of these out. I think a lot of the former will depend on where your gun rides in the holster.

  2. The big rubber grip does appear to turn J-frame, which can be a pocket gun with less obtrusive grips, into a belt holster gun. Which legitimately raises the question, “why not carry something more “capacity efficient” for the overall size?” if you are going to do that.

    1. My j-frame is a belt gun already. Although with a cargo pant pocket, the big grip could actually break up the outline a bit.

      1. I thought about that on the grip, it definitely wouldn’t look like a gun in any pocket; it looks sticky though.

        It does strike me odd to think of a J-frame as a belt gun when so many writers (not you, I don’t think) pointed out recently that the R51 and other single-stack autos (3913/P239/etc) are now essentially merely curiosity pieces as they are “too big for a pocket” and if you carry them on the belt, you can/should be carrying something basically the same size and concealability (Glock/M&P) which holds twice the rounds.

      2. It looks like you could carry it in a cargo or jacket pocket “right side up” without a holster. Not that a gun without a holster is necessarily safe, but still…

  3. Isn’t this an upgrade of the old grip spacers they used to put on snubbies back in the day? Basically gets your fingers out from behind the trigger guard and gives you a bigger grip. I bet it makes a cylinder of hot 38s or 357s almost enjoyable.

  4. Hmmmm, looks like a turd with a J-frame growing out of it.

    That said, I shoot Glocks so my interest is piqued…

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