Shot Show quick thoughts

Below are a series of one line thoughts I had while walking the aisles at SHOT Show. None of these are worth a post of their own, but together they present an inside look at my thought process while wandering around.

There are too many people here. – There were 67,000 people at the Show this year. That’s a lot.

Is that Steven Seagal? He’s so tan it looks like Steven Seagal in blackface.

Does it count as day drinking if it’s a bloody mary?

There’s a longer line to get a slice of pizza than there is to meet Ted Nugent. Must be good pizza.

Where the **** is the booth I’m looking for?

No, seriously where am I? Is the booth in Mordor?

How come you never see some members of the press on the show floor? All they do is hang out in the press room and do…I don’t even know.

That’s your actual marketing plan?

Oh yes, perfect. Stop walking in the middle of the aisle to gawk a booth babe. It’s not like people are trying to get somewhere.

If I set that rolly cart on fire, would you even notice?

Yes, I know the gun isn’t loaded. I still don’t want you to point it at me.

Seriously, please stop pointing guns at me.

So many tactical beards. It’s like I’m surrounded by hipster-operators: My ops are so black you’ve probably never heard of them.

I had a great time at SHOT this year. I didn’t get to see much product, as these days my time at SHOT Show is spent in booths having meetings with people. That being said, the people watching this year was AWESOME.


  1. As someone raised in Louisiana, I can answer that question for you. No, it’s not day-drinking if it’s a Bloody Mary. Nobody drinks them at night.

  2. Do not like the term gun nuts. Just because I like guns does not make me a nut. Commparisons…….Stamp nuts, coin nuts, car nuts, motorcycle nuts etc. it is a derogatory statement. Afficianado is more fitting.

    1. If you don’t like the blog title, don’t read it. I’m sure there are plenty of other gun blogs that won’t hurt your delicate feelings.

    1. When I get around to it.

      It wasn’t anything spectacular, we just talked about gun control and perspectives on the NRA.

  3. The Goth Operator: “My ops are a color darker than black. I can’t tell you the name of that color, because it’s a color so secret that Crayola denies its existence. If you play a Cure record backward, you’ll hear its name. But I can’t tell you which track without violating OpSec.”

  4. My friends and I have started the development of a very small thermite grenade to burn down the RSR carts on sight. We’re doing it for the good of shins, feet and ankles everywhere.

  5. If we camo the entire RSR booth – some of that black ops stuff maybe – then folks won’t find it and get those free aisle-blockers. Seriously, do they really ship all that valuable info home or does most of it end up in hotel trash.

  6. What is a tactical beard? I have a beard and it tactically holds my food from hitting my shirt when I spill any.

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