1. Expensive quality single action pistols do not have 7.5# trigger pull , what the hell were they thinking…Hey!!! Lets use an old Jennings/Davis .22 trigger on this.
    SMH ~~ Sig found out how to make an $800.00 pistol into a boat anchor

    1. I bought my SIG P938 in September 2013. It is my new carry sidearm. I love how it feels, with the one exception you mentioned. The trigger pull is a bit heavy. I think a little tweaking will make this an excellent sidearm. By the way, the video states that the MSRP is $825. I bought my P938 with the case, two magazines, holster, and laser for $599.

  2. Picked up just after Thanksgiving, a P938 SAS model that I added a Hogue Tamer Grip for all day comfort and extended mag with finger extension. Agreed, it’s a great carry gun and can be found for under $700 (not including the extras listed). I carry it IWB in a Uncle Mike’s #1 or Ankle in a Blackhawk rig. After 275 rounds in three sessions I don’t even notice the trigger; maybe being a Kahr M40 carrier for 3 years has something to do with it : )

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