SHOT SHOW 2014 coverage

So, the 2014 SHOT Show is right around the corner. For me, that means a solid week of sales meetings, and the occasional bit of fun where I actually get to look at some new product. So far, there have been some big announcements made for the show, and other companies have teased their announcement a bit but not dropped actual product. Here’s a quick look at what we know is new:

  • Glock 42: .380 Glock for CCW
  • Glock 41: Gen4 Glock in .45 ACP with a 34/35 length slide.
  • Remington 51: Single stack 9mm for concealed carry
  • Ruger LCRx: the Ruger LCR with an exposed hammer
  • Ruger Match Champion: A GP100 for competition

In addition, the good bros at Sig have teased a new product that will be officially announced on the 13th of January, and the word on the street is that HK will be launching a striker fired version of their P30 as well. Of the products I know about, I’m most interested in the Match Champion, which is why we’re already getting a pair of those, and the new Glock 41. I shot a Gen4 Glock 21 in IDPA competition as a CDP gun, and it was an excellent choice. The 41 looks like an even better option right out of the gate for IDPA competition, and could make a fun choice for L10 in USPSA as well.

What products and booths do you want us to check out at SHOT Show? Let me know in the comments and we’ll do our damndest to get them on the shortlist!


      1. It’s for real. I saw it at the Bill Hick’s Show……
        She shoots 45LC and .410.
        I bought a couple to try in the store.
        Looks like a good boot gun for bikers, and for fishermen, hunters and hikers!

          1. The Heizer PS1 arrived and is machined rom stainless steel.
            Really nicely made.
            They have an extractor as well….
            Sold one already.

  1. Your a Revo guy – how about a review of the new S&W 929.
    And yes the shotgun pistol is a thing…

  2. +1 on the S&W 929. I think it would be great if S&W would give priority to those of us who shot in the first USPSA Revolver Nationals last year. After all, it seems to be geared toward us.

  3. I hope the G42 is Glock’s proving platform for building a small USA single stack and have great success so they will build the much request single stack 9mm pocket pistol. Who was asking for the 380, exactly?

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