Dear TSA

The following post will have some harsh language in it, because it’s directed at the TSA.

Dear TSA,

Get your shit together. I can go to a McDonald’s in any part of the country and order a Big Mac; it will taste exactly the same whether or not I’m in Los Angeles or Sioux Falls. It is absolutely ridiculous that the experience of checking a gun is different at every single airport in America. It’s even more ridiculous that at some airports, the procedure for flying with guns directly contradicts the rules posted on your website.

I understand that you’re a federal organization staffed by the incompetent attempting to implement policies made by the idiotic in order to harass the compliant, but this is bullshit. If you were merely incompetent, I’d forgive you. You try so hard! But you’re not just bad at your job. You’re aggressive, hostile, and intentionally ignorant.

I am quite comfortable in stating that I speak for many, many law abiding citizens. Tax payers and voters. We all agree, dear TSA, that you suck. You suck worse that what happens after I eat Taco Bell at 2am when I’m drunk.




  1. I know that feel, bro.
    They stole a bunch of Speer Gold Dots from me a few years back that I still have not forgiven.
    ass hats, the lot of’em.

  2. If they let McDonald’s take over management of TSA checkpoints we’d probably spend a lot less time in line and possibly be able to order a Big Mac and fries while we wait. I’m all for it!

  3. I had a TSA supervisor at the Fresno CA airport declare my handgun was not in a locked case, inside a suitcase, because it only had 1 lock on it. After buying 2 crappy locks he proceeded to pry the handle apart and still refused to let it fly. The Fresno police suggested I put my expensive master lock over the handle which satisfied the TSA. I wrote a complaint on the employee and am still waiting, a year later for the TSA to respond.

  4. I flew with two pistols for the first time last week, and I agree with this post 100%. In one airport, the airline employee was cool, and I was able to stand there while the TSA agent ran my bag through the scanner. At the other, the airline employee acted like I had kiddie porn when she saw the guns, and couldn’t tell that they were unloaded (with no mags and the actions open). When I asked if I needed to wait for the TSA to scan the bag like I had before, she acted like I was an idiot.

  5. This is another reason why I prefer to drive the 18-20 hours home from Bragg when I was CONUS. It didn’t matter what locks, in what cases, as long as I was either in a state that I had a permit (32 and counting) or followed the Interstate travel agreement (and stayed the F**K out of D.C. or New York/New Jersey-neither of which were on my route) I knew I’d be ok. but: No TSA, costs about equal (fuel only-hotel cost a bit), no sitting cramped next to crying babies or getting sick from recirculated air, my own schedule, etc… sure, took longer, but so much more relaxed by the end. always enjoyed driving.

  6. If you think being a regular Joe and dealing with the TSA is bad, try having anything above a commercial pilot certificate. I get flagged for extra screening every single time even though I’ve got a clearance and have deployed to serve my country four freakin times!

    Traveling with a gun is the least of my worries!

  7. My favorite is when they demand to be shown it is unloaded, I was asked this at LAX a few weeks ago, I pointed out that as a former military firearms instructor I am not sure how to clear every single firearm on the planet, she asked to see it anyway. So I opened the case and showed her the revolver she stared at it in the case and had no idea, was about to clear it when I asked if she would like me to show her it was clear, “uh sure” I opened the cylinder latch and showed her and life was good:-)

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