Review: Leatherman Rail

20131009-110904.jpgWhen I began building my AR, I swore that I’d never be one of those losers who was caught without a front sight tool. However, I wanted a tool that would stay in my range bag all the time (so there would be no chance of forgetting it) but wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Having already stocked up on a little folding knife that gets clipped to my jeans daily, I didn’t feel the need for a big do-all product, but as you can tell by my AR build, sleek design was very important to me.

All these requirements led me to Leatherman’s Rail. It’s the perfect mix of skelitonized minimalism and coverage of a shooters need.


  1. I would love to see someone set up the top of one of the tactical pens with an AR sight adjustment tool.

  2. Nice close up review by Ms. Armed Candy. But I noticed 2 interesting comments she made during the review……
    1. She questioned the reason for having an Oxygen (O2) cylinder wrench on the tool?
    2. She questioned the use of the MOLLE setup on the back of the included sheath?

    Lets think of who predominately carries an “AR” for work/pay in austere environments……that is the reason to both of her questions.
    The tool is designed to be light and carried on your person – not just a range bag.

    Another thing she critiqued was that the carabiner style clip could not be used while stored in the sheath. If it could be – it would create a snag hazard….that snag hazard may be slightly irritating catching on your shirt during a match or in the inside of your range bag.
    That snag hazard may be come ALOT more irritating when you are trying to crawl out of your duty vehicle (military vehicle, cop car, ambulance here) while it is on fire and upside down.
    The tool would look really cool “clipped” to your jeans while getting some at the range though.

    Just sayin.


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