IDPA Nationals Performance Analysis Part 3

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Stage 10
Score: 25.60 down 4
Raw time: 23.60
Place: 9th

Stage video:

Analysis: I was just a little slow on this one. I took longer to acquire and shoot my targets than I needed to, and I lost probably another half-second on the draw making sure I didn’t sweep my own leg.

Tips for improvement: I definitely need to work on changing gears between easy and hard targets. I tend to shoot a hard target and then stay stuck in that gear, which isn’t really helpful.

Stage 11
Score: 16.85, down 3
Raw time: 15.35
Place: 7th

Analysis: again, my issue here was slow transitions and trigger speed on some of the targets. There were a couple of headshots on this stage that I spent a lot of time dwelling on the sights when I should have just drilled it and moved on.

Tips for improvement: See stage 10

Stage 12
Score: 21.09 down 5
Raw time: 18.59
Place: 13th

Analysis: This stage was shot on Day 2, and it was where the wheels started to come off my day. It was my 3rd stage of day 2, and after I had put up decent times on stages 13 and 14, everything went bad here. I managed to drop a down 3 on a close range hoser target and had a light primer hit, so I had to go all the way around my cylinder for one shot. That hurt, and cost a ton of time. It was easily 1.2-1.5 seconds right there.

Tips for improvement: work on shooting on the move, and put a heavier spring in my gun? I’m a little bit at a loss on this one, because it was just a little weird.

Stage 13
Score: 14.40 down 4
Raw time: 12.40
Place: 6th

Analysis: I was pretty pleased with this stage. It was one of the only movers that revo guys had to engage at full speed, and while I dropped 3 points on it, I didn’t get any FTNs or misses, which I seem to get a lot on movers. I nailed my reload and posted a strong time here.

Tips for improvement: shoot more swingers.

Stage 14
Score: 6.10, down zero
Raw time: 6.10
Place: 8th

Analysis: This stage was simple – draw your gun, run 10 yards, take three shots at a partial target that was obscured behind hard cover and a no-shoot. A three shot stage, the time was mostly consumed with how long it took to get your first shot off, which for me was a bit. I ran the distance nice and quick, but again spent too much time looking at my front sight.

Tips for improvement: more shooting low percentage targets.

Tomorrow we’ll close the series with stages 15, 16, and 17!