IDPA Nationals Performance Analysis Part 2

Yesterday we did stages 1-4, today we’ll do 5-9. This will follow the same format as part 1, with time, raw time, and overall place followed by analysis and self-tips for improvement.

Stage 5
Score: 30.30, down 6
Raw time: 27.30
Place: 8th

Analysis: This was probably my worst stage from a mental standpoint in the match. The first array was a total of 7 shots, and I nailed that pretty well. However, shooting on the move I should have fired 3 shots into a target instead of just two. When I got to the final position I lost track of my round count for what should have been a simple, six shot array. I ended up pulling the trigger on a dead chamber, and double clutched a not-reload right before that.

Tips for improvement: Work visualization back into my daily training regime. Having a solid plan like I do for USPSA stages would have prevented the stage meltdown and saved me a mike and several seconds.

Stage 6
Score: 32.76 down 2
Raw time: 31.76
Place: 6th

Analysis: This was the toughest stage at the match. The majority of the targets were partial targets behind a wall with hardcover. Your shots had to pass through the gaps in steel bars to hit the targets. Here’s what it looked like:

Pretty tough. The winning time for SSR on this stage was 29.16, down 11. I quite likely could have shot it faster, but at what cost to my points? Down 2 in about 30 seconds was solid, and I was very deliberate on the trigger. I took make-ups where I needed them, and avoided them when I didn’t.

Tips for improvement: Work on shooting partials at speed at longer ranges. I should be able to shoot the same kind of points down on this stage about 4 seconds faster.

Stage 7
Score: 18.14, down 3
Raw time: 16.64
Place: 4th

Analysis: I was pretty happy with this stage. The only big issue is I cost myself about a second because I went too hard into the last position and had to hop around on one foot before getting my shots off.

Tips for improvement: Movement drills with more start/stops.

Stage 8
Score: 27.20, down 2
Raw time: 26.20
Place: 4th

Analysis: This was a solid stage. I took one extra shot at the end. The awkward shooting position made some transitions a little more difficult, but I didn’t pull down any PEs and shot a fairly accurate stage. This was an empty gun start stage.

Tips for improvement: Work on empty gun starts more.

Stage 9
Score: 30.44 down 7
Raw time: 25.94
Place 9th

Analysis: This should have been an easy stage with a time in the mid 20s. However, I threw a bunch of points away because I didn’t focus on the front sight during three strong hand only shots, choosing instead to point shoot them and in one case almost look away from the target before I was done shooting it. My movement here wasn’t excellent either. I did however smoke the charging target with all three rounds in the down zero.

Tips for improvement: more gear changing drills. And probably more Strong Hand practice.

Tomorrow we’ll do stages 10-13!