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Yesterday I took a look at the bolt-gun and wondered on its relevance as a self-defense tool in modern times. In that article, I mentioned that I wasn’t aware of a company that was currently producing a lightweight bolt action rifle chambered in .223 that accepted AR15 mags. To research this, I checked Savage, Remington, Ruger, and FNH’s product catalogs.

The company I neglected to check was Mossberg, and I’ll admit that’s because I have a blind spot where I tend to think of Mossberg as a shotgun maker, not a rifle company. Within about 10 minutes of the post going up, I had multiple readers comment that I needed to check out the Mossberg MVP Patrol. See, this is exactly the sort of rifle I am looking for in a bolt gun.

mvp patrol

Here are the vital stats on the Mossberg MVP Patrol:

  • Caliber: 5.56mmNATO (.223 REM.)
  • Barrel: 16.25 (threaded or un-threaded)
  • Sights: Adjustable fiber optic sights
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Length: 36 inchs

So, when I said I was looking for a “lightweight, handy bolt-gun” that…pretty much nails it. Things I really like about it: the fact that it comes from the factory with fixed sights and a rail for mounting an optic. You have to admit, one of these would probably be pretty cool with an Aimpoint PRO or Leupold Mark AR on it as a pig/deer gun (where legal for deer, of course). Plus, you know…30 round mags. I actually think it would be neat to take a Dynamic Defensive Carbine Operator in Operations course with one of these, because I’m interested to see if shooting a bolt gun has the same affect on my shooting as shooting a pump and wheelgun do. Namely, I slow down just a bit and my accuracy skyrockets. Knowing that I can only shoot 1 shot for every 2 or 3 that everyone else is shooting really makes me want to take the time to get my hits.

Of course, adding another gun to the long list of guns I need to review and T&E probably isn’t smart…but if I was smart, I wouldn’t do this for a living! I’ll see if we can get a gun from Mossberg to review, and then I’ll do just that – take it to a carbine course with a Leupold Mark AR. And maybe a 45 degree RMR mount for good measure.


  1. Since I live in an AWB locale – Cook County, IL – I have been debating between this and a CZ 527 in either 5.56 or 7.62 x 39. The CZ seems far nicer but only takes 5-round external mags.

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