Frank Proctor training class review

Hilton Yam has a short but concise review of Frank Proctor’s carbine class up at Modern Service Weapons. I’ve been interested in taking one of Frank’s classes ever since I saw that he uses the same fruity running style I do of keeping the support hand high so it can receive the gun quicker when you get to a shooting position..

In all seriousness though, I think that training with Frank would be an excellent opportunity for any shooter, because he’s both a USPSA Grandmaster and an Army SF veteran. Some trainers have either one or the other backgrounds, and have difficulty transferring the concepts of competition shooting to self-defense or the concepts of military/tactical shooting to civilian CCW.

Hilton’s recommendation only ads more fuel to my desire to take a class from Frank, as Hilton is a pretty squared away dude and hasn’t yet steered me wrong with his recommendations, from Mexican food to 1911 parts.

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