Understanding the criminal mind

It’s not uncommon for normal people to look at the news and find themselves utterly horrified at the depraved acts of criminal violence often featured in news stories. People wonder how someone could do things like murder a child or beat a woman almost to death in front of her small child…or stabbing a non-resisting victim and then trying to skin them.

The mind of the career criminal does not function in a way we would recognize. Understanding a bit about how criminals think may give you some insight into defending yourself against an attack or, hopefully, completely avoiding one in the first place.

One of the best insights I’ve ever encountered was in a lecture from William Aprill, a mental health professional who has made a career out of dealing with criminals. The host of Ballistic Radio recently convinced Dr. Aprill to do an interview, and what resulted was a 45 minute crash course into the mindset of the violent criminal. If you’re reading Gun Nuts I can only assume that at least part of the reason you are here is because of an interest in defending yourself against criminal violence. If that’s true, the podcast with Dr. Aprill is going to be an excellent investment of your time:



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