2013 Midnight 3-Gun Part 2: Media Day

Yesterday was media day at the M3GI match. This is an opportunity for the match sponsors to showcase their products to the media and promote any new/cool upcoming guns and gear to the media. The match sponsors for this year include Danner boots, Leupold optics, Crimson Trace, Leatherman, FNH USA, Ergo grips, PWS, Gemtech, Otis, MGM Targets, Rubber City Armory, Warne Scope mounts. There are probably a couple of sponsors missing from that list, because there is a ton of support for this event.

At media day, the highlights in terms of gear for me were three things:

  1. The new FNS-40 Competition
  2. The Redfield Counterstrike optic
  3. MGM’s .22 trainer targets

There were lots of other cool pieces of gear on scene, but those three items definitely got and held my attention. The FNS-40 is the softest shooting polymer .40 I’ve ever played with, the MGM targets were just plain fun, and the Counterstrike intrigues me as a budget red dot option for shooters looking for a little more than just a plain Jane dot.

We didn’t just work all day, there was some clowning around with trying to make strong hang shots with a j-frame on an MGM B/C target about 70 yards away. But mostly, we spent the day getting photos and video of product, which you’ll see in the upcoming weeks here on Gun Nuts and in GunUp the Magazine.