1. Ii was checking them out at the local fun show but was turned off by the utter lack of retention features. What’s your experience after a year? Are they reliably holding during strenuous exercise? How about against an attempt by someone else to take your weapon?

  2. I use a Blade-Tech IWB Nano for CCW of an XDm 3.8. I’m a runner and while I don’t carry that while running I have chased my dogs at full tilt while wearing it without any loss of retention. I also carry all the time meaning working on the lawn mower while laying down, picking up nieces/nephews, basically, life. Never had a loss of retention.

  3. Darn, forgot to mention that I’ve converted my “traditional leather” father over to the IWB Nano for his Colt Commander and XDs .45. He is extremely picky and I never thought he’d stick with it let alone buy a second. He says it is the most comfy holster he’s ever worn.

  4. What belt are you using with the revolution? I bought the IDPA pack they offer but I’m not terribly happy with the belt.

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