Mission First Tactical BULS Review

Mission First Tactical BattleLink Utility Low Profile Stock great product in a lightweight packageBoobs. The main reason I love the Mission First Tactical BattleLink Utility Low Profile Stock on my new AR, has everything to do with, breasts. Specifically, my right one. Unlike many other sports, female shooters don’t need too much specially made equipment in order to get in the game. However, certain options and details make a gun more comfortable for a woman and some can be judged equally across the board. The stock on an AR-15 rifle is one of those options that can be “fine”, or it can be awesome, and I believe I’ve stumbled onto a product that can be classified as the latter.

Magpul and Command Arms Rifle Stock for AR 15One of the biggest concerns I had when building my AR, was weight. Some stocks are heavy in order to balance the other end of the gun, but I was attempting to keep weight down all around. I wanted the bells and whistles, like storage compartment and collapsibility, but I was also keeping in mind how quickly my arms tire out at the range. I was happy to find that the BULS is almost half the weight of comparable stocks. Magpul’s ACS-Light is 12.48oz and Command Arms Accessories’ CBS is 12.1oz. Even if one includes the optional cheek riser from MFT, they will only add 2.72oz. (AND, the MFT cheek riser will not conflict with charging the weapon, which shouldn’t be just a bonus.)

BULS by Mission First Tactical, fits on a woman's shoulder perfectlyWhen I show women how to hold the AR to their shoulder, I often tell them to place the butt of the rifle directly over their bra strap. This is an convenient landmark for how the rifle should sit on their shoulder. However, bras can sometimes be troublesome. Placing the stock here, can sometimes press a hard piece of plastic into a woman’s chest, making shooting uncomfortable. If the stock’s butt plate is wide enough the pressure will be spread across enough area that bra hardware will not pose a problem. The BattleLink stock has almost 1.752″ of pad width, all the way down the stock as it hits the shoulder. Stocks from Magpul and CAA get narrower through this area, putting more pressure where a woman may not want it.

Tactically, a rifle should be easy to raise to one’s shoulder and roll directly into a comfortable position. The curve at the bottom of the Mission First Tactical stock, is like none I have ever seen. Plenty of stocks finish with a slight angle to aid this process, but MFT didn’t stop there. The curve on the BULS makes it exceptionally easy to shoulder my AR-15 but also serves as a bonus to a female shooter. As the base of the stock curves away from my body, it relieves pressure on sensitive breast tissue. (*see drawing to clarify this idea) The Mission First Tactical’s BattleLink Utility Low Profile Stock is great for me, so I can happily recommend it to female shooters. Then again, MFT’s attention to detail when creating this product, makes me believe, this stock will benefit any AR owner.