Daily Training Goals #17

Goal recap for Daily Training Goals for 06/27/2013
Live Fire Training Drills

Dot Torture @ 5 yards: 50 rounds. Goal 50/50 – fail, shot a 47/50.
iHack drill at 3 yards, from the holster. Repeat 5x, must pass all runs. If pass at 3, move to 5. – Pass!
Draw to a 3×5 index card, two shots at 10 yards. Goal – establish par time for later training. 10 reps/20 rounds – new part 2.65
Draw to 8 inch circle at 10 yards, fire 2 shots. Establish par time for later training. 10 reps/20 rounds – new par is 1.70
1-reload-2 drills at 10 yards. Fire one shot at a 3×5 card, reload and fire two shots at the 8 inch cirlce. 10 reps speed reload. Establish par times for total drill time and reload time. New pars are 2.50 for entire drill and 1.70 reload.
25 yard Bill Drills at 8 inch circle. 5 reps. Initial goal: Get all 30 hits. Long term goal – consistent sub 3.5 second clean runs. Hahahahaha oh man was that ambitious. The fastest run where I got all six hits was a 9.42, so my training par is 9.40. I could get 5/6 hits pretty consistently in around 5 seconds.

Notes: Dot Torture was all sorts of weird. On the first string, five shots I tossed a shot high. I got it back together after that, but then dropped a round on the weak hand string and another round on the 1r1 string. I’d like to get to the point where I’m cleaning it on the reg at 5 yards again. I wrecked the iHack at 3 yards from the holster. I had a world of time on every string and passed on every attempt, shooting 7/9 or better on four separate attempts. I’ll move back to 5 yards for future tests.

One of the things I really want to get away from are “feel good” drills. Bill Drills at five yards, 1r2 drills at 3-5 yards, stuff that doesn’t require me to actually aim the gun. If I want to push my raw manipulation speed, I should be doing that in dry fire. Live fire training I need to be focusing on building actual shooting skills, and I’m not going to get better at shooting if all I do is hose big targets at 5 yards.

DTG 06/28/2013

  1. Floor press and sumo deadlift 65% of my bodyweight
  2. Dry fire draws to a 3×5 card at 10 yards set training par
  3. Do the vision training I skipped yesterday