Daily Training Goals #16

Goal recap for DTG 06/26/2013

OHP 53% of my bodyweight. – Fail, I pulled off 4 reps, then 3 reps, then 4 reps again on my final set at this weight. But they were ugly reps, form was pretty shoddy. I’m going to deload to 47% and work back up.
Squat 59% of my bodyweight for 10 reps. – Success and then some. My new weights showed up, so I jumped my full ROM squat weight up to 64.7% of my bodyweight.

I knew that my OHP was going to plateau soon – the last time I got on a serious lifting program and stuck with it, I was only able to get my OHP up to about 120 before I got injured doing something unrelated. The problem now is where to go next? Some trainers recommend deloading back to my previous weight and then working my way up, others say to stick to the weight and just try get all the reps done. This time I’m going to try deloading, but we’ll see how that goes.

Daily Training Goals for 06/27/2013
Live Fire Training Drills

  1. Dot Torture @ 5 yards: 50 rounds. Goal 50/50
  2. iHack drill at 3 yards, from the holster. Repeat 5x, must pass all runs. If pass at 3, move to 5.
  3. Draw to a 3×5 index card, two shots at 10 yards. Goal – establish par time for later training. 10 reps/20 rounds
  4. Draw to 8 inch circle at 10 yards, fire 2 shots. Establish par time for later training. 10 reps/20 rounds
  5. 1-reload-2 drills at 10 yards. Fire one shot at a 3×5 card, reload and fire two shots at the 8 inch cirlce. 10 reps speed reload. Establish par times for total drill time and reload time.
  6. 25 yard Bill Drills at 8 inch circle. 5 reps. Initial goal: Get all 30 hits. Long term goal – consistent sub 3.5 second clean runs.

I’m also adding the vision exercises back in again now that I’m doing live fire; so I’ll be taking some time tonight to run vision training. You’ll notice that I’m off the prescribed drills from Mike Seeklander’s book, the reason is that I needed to modify the drills based on what equipment and training areas I have available. I’m looking into purchasing some steel targets to shoot for future outdoor training as well. I’ve actually rehashed a bit of my old training plan that I shot through most of 2011 when I made huge leaps in my shooting ability, but I’ve increased the distance on almost every drill. You won’t see me shoot many drills at 7 yards in the coming months.

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