Photo of the day: Caption Contest


Submit your caption to this photo of Shelley Rae in the comments. Winner gets a box of Hornady TAP FPD .223 ammo. Captions will be judged by my arbitrary standard of “whatever kicks over my giggle box” and must appear as a comment on this post using either the FB app or the WordPress comment system.


  1. “I think the one on the right is even heavier than the one on the left!”

    “You’re right, the Judge *is* the M14 of handguns.”

    “Does dual wielding make me look like Lara Croft, or do I need the shorts too?”

    “This is that ‘carjacker gun’ I keep hearing about, right?”

    “I don’t even need to aim with these if I put buckshot in it, right?”

    “If I don’t want to actually HURT someone, I can load rock salt in these, right?”

    “Do you think the silver brings out the highlights in my hair better than the black?”

    “Wow, that other gun sure looks wimpy by comparison.”

    “Tell more more about this ‘recoil management’ of which you speak.”


    1. You got in multiple points with only one post – how Judge-like of you!

  2. Silly man, Clint Eastwood can only handle one big gun at a time. I’m more like Lora Croft; who knows how to handle two.

  3. “Seriously? People buy this kind of stupid crap? I thought Taurus was trying to improve their reputation.”

  4. That’s Shelley taking the bull by the horns – it’s a metaphor, but that really happened.

  5. “So this can replace my entire gun collection? I had heard this was the latest in self defense/concealed carry/mall ninja hardware. I’ll take two.”

  6. So this will fire .45LC, .454 Casull and what? .410? In the name of God WHY?

  7. “Aim? Shoot, honey, with two of those you don’t even have to open you purdy eyes.”

  8. Every able-bodied, well-armed woman knows that “BIGGER” does not always mean “BETTER”!

  9. Salesman, offscreen: “What I think you need, little lady, is one of these nice little snub nose .38s…”

  10. Now what was it you were saying about redheads being short-tempered?

  11. Really? The black one has a tactical rail for my 5.11 tactical compact?

  12. Why didn’t I think of that, it is perfect for conceal carry of my monthly feminine needs, just pop a couple in the cylinder and you are good to go!

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