Top Shot Run-On Recap: Turn my crank

I’m back from an actual vacation – it was weird mostly not working for several days, and I got back last evening just in time for Top Shot! Spoiler Alert: The Dark Knight Rises was actually a dream that Bruce Wayne had so that Tom Hardy could steal his business secrets during a dream. INCEPTION

Man I am tired I had a long day on the plane but nevermind because it’s peanutbutterTopShot Time and I’ve been visiting with my friends from the Dewar clan, so I am ready to party and now we’re off to the races and we’re shooting an old school longbow awwwww I’m having Season 1 flashbacks because that was actually a really fun challenge and OMG Gary tore the roof off that challenge wow that was pretty sick so then we go to the proving ground and they’re shooting a scoped rifle at 200 yards and I thought Jamie and Kyle made some pretty rad shots but they got outshot by fractions of an inch so it’s those two bros in the elimination challenge which is with GATLING GUNS BECAUSE AWESOME and they rehashed an old challenge with chopping down telephone poles and let’s be honest Jamie pretty much kicked the **** out of Kyle on this one and stays in the game.

Serious thought – this was actually a pretty ho-hum episode. While I liked the archery challenge and the Gatling gun elimination, there wasn’t really a whole lot of drama. It lacked the emotional intensity of last week’s episode where Gabby bodybagged Chee, and lacked the competitive flair of earlier episodes. The Gatling shoot-off wasn’t even really close, and while the archery competition is interesting to watch, it also wasn’t really that close. So far, this was the weakest episode of the season to my mind.

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