Drink Drug Test

drink safe drug test cardI’ve mentioned date rape drug test products once before, but since they are now talking about it on my “favorite” hour of the Today show, I think I should address it again (and in more detail). Ladies, there are just too many ways for us to get hurt out there. Unfortunately, we may seem like good targets for any number of reasons, and there are lots of creepers who are ready to take advantage. Drinksmart.com has come up with these little coaster/cards for us to carry and use, if we believe someone has “tampered” with our drink. You take a drip of liquid from your glass and drop it on the card and if the dots change color, get your butt to a hospital.

When I first posted this technology, I imagined a woman in a bar, ordering a drink, leaving it on the bar while she walked away, returning to her drink and taking a big gulp. In this scenario it seemed ridiculous for this absent-minded chica to start holding a mini chemistry class right there at the bar. It’s reasonable to assume that the girl who remembers to carry these cards is unlikely to be the same girl who would be absentminded enough to leave her drink lying around. However, in the months since I first heard about this Israeli invention, I happen to have dated a “sleeper creeper” and I’m sure he’s not the only one out there.

Let’s face it, we ladies often try to avoid the appearance of rudeness to almost every we encounter. We want to appear nice and unsuspicious, but this is not the best way to keep ourselves from harm. To properly apply “situational awareness” we must be slightly suspicious of everyone, at all times. So for those who scoff at the drink drug test cards, I have constructed a little hypothetical, where I believe these cards might be a smart “concealed carry” in their own right.

Gabby goes for coffee with a guy she met at an online dating sight. They meet in a public place, sit and chat for a half hour, and it seems as though they may sit for a half hour more, then Gabby has to use the ladies room. It’s not conspicuous for her to take her purse with her when she goes, after all, this guy is a perfect stranger. However, if she took her coffee mug, it might get an eyebrow raise. She goes, and returns and finds her coffee cup just as she left it. The date continues…

As it turns out, this story is not all that fictional. It has happened many times, and I guess in every case, I have been lucky. Based on the fact that I am currently single, I have to assume that my judgement of the character of some of these dates, was off. Wouldn’t it have been smart of me to take more precautions?

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