Top Shot All-Stars: Run On Recap #1

New season of Top Shot premiered last night! Before I get into the Run-On Recap, I wanted to say that I’m actually really enjoying this season, even just one episode in. Removing the silly house drama and making it all about shooting was an awesome call on the part of History Channel, and the fact that I personally know quite a few of the contestants makes this season very interesting to watch. For those that are new here, last season I did a series of episode recaps of Top Shot called “Run-On Recap”, where I’d collect my thoughts watching the episode in a stream of consciousness format, then post them here. They were a lot of fun to write. Unfortunately, most of them got eaten when the site went down a few months ago, so I can’t post an example. Hold on, here we go!

Awwwwwwwwwwwww yiiiiiiiiiiiiis, time for a new Top Shot, got my Macallan 15 and I’m ready to party hit play on the DVR, son and we’re off, oh look everyone is already wearing green shirts, and man there are a lot of season one people on here and not a lot of season 4 people; hey cool Colby got some new ink and mandamn are his teeth still not the whitest out there, also if you didn’t notice it Blake is doing the Colby stance so lolololol and the prize is a boat, that sucks for whomever wins and has to pay taxes on that bad boy, but here we go it’s challenge time, and we’re running a generic obstacle course woooo hahahahahah Pete’s shoe fell off and I felt bad for Chris going under the barbed wire, but anyway it all shakes out and they go the nomination range…er I mean proving ground and have a one shot bullseye contest to see who’s competing to get bodybagged and my boy Gunny Zins smokes everyone AS HE SHOULD so now it’s down to Greg “Friendship Bracelet” Littlejohn and the Gary Airmarshal dude (whom I like) and hey hey they’re shooting grenade launchers which is what Greg “Friendship is Magic” failed on last time and will he fail again, why yes, yes he will. He didn’t cry this time though, so I guess Friendship wasn’t as magic as he thought.


  1. I stayed up to see if that jackwagon Adam would be the first to be booted off.

  2. That Adam just had to throw in and bring up ‘rat fink’ didn’t he. Does he hold grudges or was that just said for ‘TV’?

  3. Best quote ever, “I was trying to miss fast”. Who says that?! Greg Littlejohn does… Makes perfect sense!

  4. I’ll be far too more excited than I should be if they throw a different trigger system at them every elimination range.

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