Friday? Time for Tales of the Gun!

About ten years ago, the History Channel made a series of documentaries called Tales Of The Gun that chronicled the history of firearms, their designers, and their manufacturers. While the series wasn’t completely accurate in every fact presented, it was still a very good series that gave out a lot of useful information and served as the springboard to higher levels of gun geekery. While Caleb isn’t looking, I’m going to start a new series of posts on Fridays where we highlight one of these episodes for your general edification and viewing pleasure.

Today we present the episode on John Moses Browning, the greatest designer in the history of firearms…a man whose design influence is so pervasive that I guarantee whatever weapon you have on you right now or within arm’s reach has his design DNA all over it. Browning’s importance in the history of the firearm goes far deeper than the 1911. So sit back, relax with a tasty beverage, and learn about Utah’s greatest contribution to mankind…

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