Site status update

The archives are partially restored as of 1745 CST; somehow I’ve lost most of 2011-2013 which we’ll work on getting back up over the next week or so.

All traces of the malware hack have been removed at this time, and I’ve requested a google site review to get the malware warning removed. We’ll return to posting regular content tomorrow morning and continue to restore the archives.

Thanks, Caleb


  1. Hmmm. You know OldNFO’s site was Hacked and taken down. Same thing happened to Farmer Frank’s a few months back. Someone got it in for Pro-Gun Blogs?

    1. I doubt it; as much as I’d like this to be part of nefarious conspiracy against pro-gun bloggers, my site was hacked and had shopping/spam/malware inserted in it. Nothing interesting.

  2. Les,

    Probably not. I have about a dozen WordPress sites and they’ve all been under a sustained attack since about mid-December. I get about 50 attempts per day per site trying to log in to WordPress using the “admin” account, which should be deleted about 10 seconds after you install WordPress.

    It’s not the content they’re targeting, it’s the presence of wp-admin.

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