What your USPSA Division says about you

Editor’s Note: this post was lost during a hack attempt in 2013, and has since been restored to its former glory

In USPSA, there are 6 official recognized divisions, and each one of them has a dedicated following. Each division has a unique flavor and personality, and each USPSA division says something different about the dedicated shooters in that division. For fun, we’re going to take a look at what shooters think their USPSA division of choice says about them, and then what other shooters think it says.

What you think it says: I am on the cutting edge of handgun technology and am sporting the shooting equivalent of a Ferrari F1 car. I’m so awesome.
What other people are thinking: That open guy is too lazy to freakin’ reload and just hoses everything. Of course he’s fast, look at all that gay crap on his gun.

What you think it says: This is where real skills are tested – the combination of technology and iron sights makes Limited the flagship division of USPSA.
What other people are thinking: Why doesn’t that guy just give in to his gamer and shoot open instead of half-assing in Limited? Maybe then he’d get a gun that didn’t break all the damn time. Or maybe not.

What you think it says: We have all the technology of Limited, but choose to shoot a lower capacity to stretch our skills and focus on stage strategy.
What other people are thinking: Why doesn’t that guy just shoot Limited or Production? Seriously, L10 it the lamest division ever.

What you think it says: I choose to compete in the deepest field in USPSA, to test my skills against the top Production shooters in the world.
What other people are thinking: If that guy thinks he’s going to beat Dave and Bob with a 30 dollar Uncle Mike’s holster and those flappy nylon mag pouches he’s out of his mind. I guess he’s too cheap for Limited.

Single Stack
What you think it says: I am honoring the classic design given to John Moses Browning by God Almighty and shooting a proper 1911 with minimal customization. Truly, I am upholding the line of great pistoleros such as Jeff Cooper.
What other people are thinking: Ugh, there goes that 1911 guy. I’m so tired of hearing about John Moses Browning from him. I bet he carries a freakin’ Glock.

What you think it says: I am a Jedi Knight of shooting. I navigate 30+ round courses with a mere six rounds.
What other people are thinking: Why? Just…why would you do that to yourself? Glocks are cheap! Shoot Production, man! We can save you.

And finally, here’s what dedicated IDPA shooters are thinking about all of us: “Look at those freaking gamers with their gamer-ness and their games.”