A ladies guide to organizing knives and stuff

Apparently all the gunbloggers are taking photos of their knives. Ever late to the party I’ll go ahead and jump on the bus, but only because I can actually turn this into a post.

Many are familiar with my pink Spyderco Native. It’s my normal, everyday carry knife but different knives are required for different situations. For example, when I’m going out for the night and don’t want a knife with a clip sticking out of my pocket I reach for my Insight’s BladeTech knife that is much easier to conceal. If I’m headed out to the back-country for a day of pony riding I clip a boot knife into my pasture boots and slip a Jeep survival knife into a pocket. If I’m headed somewhere other than the range I’ll slip my Gerber tool into my purse to replace my Crimson Trace Picatinny tool. I have about 5 different zippo lighters that float between purses for the inevitable moment that someone asks “anyone got a light?”. (Okay, so it’s usually the boss at the range trying to burn something random.)

Like shoes or guns different knives have different purposes and are useful on different days and with different outfits. The best way I’ve found to organize these items? A drawer in my jewelry box. Similar to accessories, in fact pretty much accessories themselves, the different items can be placed in different spots within the box to keep them organized and sensible. I keep the items I use the most near the front of the box and the ones I don’t use as much near the back. (Speaking of that untouched knife sharpener my Native could probably use a sit-down.)

Any kind of generic accessories organizer can be transferred readily over to the world of guns, knives and cars, you just have to get a little creative. Looking for a something to organize your gun cleaning gear? Consider a make up box: you have brushes, bottles of liquids and some other random junk. We use a lot of small things in our day to day lives, the same organizational methods can be applied to our “more manly” gear as well.