Dear Glock

Happy Birthday from Team Gun Nuts to Glock Firearms, a whopping 25 years old today.  Congratulations, your car

Glock 36

insurance just got a lot cheaper.  In honor of your birthday, I’d like to make a request.  You know the Glock 36?  Your awesome little single-stack .45 ACP that you made specifically for the US concealed carry market?  Pretty pretty pretty please make one in 9mm.  Seriously, make an 8 or 9 round single stack 9mm version of this pistol and I’ll buy the first 4 that come off the assembly line and a whole mess of magazines.  This would end all my objections to the whole “pocket 9mm” thing, because it would be reliable, have easily available parts and sights, and generally be awesome.

So in honor of your birthday, please hear my cries oh Glock!  I guarantee you’d sell them like hotcakes.

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