1. Should be fun to watch. Who drove the choice? At Sig’s request, or at CheaperThanDirt’s or the former by way of the latter?

    1. I was actually really intrigued by the P250 at SHOT; I felt like it was an interesting platform that hadn’t gotten a lot of attention, nor had it been evaluated in a meaningful sense. So I figured, who better to do that than yours truly?

      1. I’m reading that as “Sig drove the choice, but I’m willing.” Is that right?

        I hear the DEA evaluated the platform in a meaningful sense. *ducks*

        1. No, it was actually more my choice than anything. I wanted something that no one else was shooting. The problem with the ATF evaluation was that the test criteria were never released. You don’t know how the Sigs failed or what caused them to fail.

          I’ll also be honest – if this thing shits the bed or sucks, I’m going to report it.

  2. I noticed in the pic you posted that the slide has a different cut at the front of the ejection port than any of the photos of the P250 on Sig’s website. Was that a manufacturing mod to improve reliability or just another new Sig styling mod?

  3. I’m curious to see what you have to say about the P250 in the long term. All I’ve heard on the net was people bitching about it; mostly that they don’t like the trigger that much.

  4. One thing a lot of people don’t like about the P250 is that it’s a true DAO, so the trigger is fairly long and heavy. because of your background with DA revolvers, you’re used to a longer and heavier DA trigger. I think it’s important to keep that in mind when doing this review.

    If it turns out reliable I [I]might[/I] consider getting one. They say if you can master a DA trigger, you can shoot anything.

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